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About The Tent Experience

Our Mission

The TENT Experience inspires and provokes you to live authentically and on purpose.

Our Vision

The TENT Experience encourages you to embrace your innate characteristics, abilities, and anointing as gifts to the world. We present environments to be accepted and celebrated for these unique qualities and provide opportunities to explore, develop, and maximize your purpose and potential.

The TENT Experience is a Christian-based lifestyle ministry. We utilize creative and innovative methods to deliver our message in a simplistic and relatable format. Our holistic approach (mind, soul, spirit, body) seeks to address the diverse aspects of your lifestyle and provide our four core pillars as support to fulfill your purpose.

Our Core Pillars

TEACH (mind) We provide learning opportunities to educate and inform.

EMPOWER (soul) We support and instill confidence to promote courage and strength.

NURTURE (spirit) We utilize resources to encourage and reinforce growth.

TRAIN (body) We coach and promote events for practical application.


About The Founder

LeoNard Appleton is a licensed and ordained elder and has served in ministry for over 40 years. Because of his love for learning and teaching, he received his Bachelor of Arts degree in Biblical Studies, however he credits his foundation for spiritual development to serving faithfully within the local church in various leadership roles, such as:

  • Children’s Ministry Leader
  • Youth Ministry Counselor
  • Sunday School Teacher
  • Vacation Bible School Principal
  • Marriage Ministry Leader
  • Praise and Worship Leader
  • Choir Director
  • Director of Administration
  • Aide de Camp/Executive Pastor
  • Leadership Training and Development Leader
  • Food Pantry Assistant

As a lover of the creative arts, LeoNard has sang and traveled with many celebrated gospel and secular recording artists and choirs. He has written and performed his original music, performed in stage plays and other creative works, and is currently completing his first book on leadership development.

LeoNard founded The TENT Experience to help others realize their God-given purpose and to encourage them to live each day on purpose. He understands that this doesn’t always seem so obvious but can also be staring you right in the face all the time. Sometimes the journey to fulfilling your life’s purpose leads you to very ordinary surroundings for extraordinary reasons. Instead of limiting yourself to aspirations of lofty roles within the confines of religious structures, LeoNard wants you to consider that God may want to use you right where you are, within your family, in your community, or your place of employment. He believes your everyday lifestyle is worship to God when it revolves around pleasing God and serving to meet the needs of people.

LeoNard has been married to his wife Lorraine for over 37 years and they are the proud parents of three adult children: Brandon (Courtney), Ryan, and Brittany. He has a passion for family and works diligently to preserve the foundation of strong Christian values which promote their health and success.