Lifestyle Ministry

Lifestyle ministry refers to serving people in a way that reflects how they live each day. It encompasses our relationships, careers, finances, hobbies, interests, and so much more. Your purpose can be realized in simple everyday moments.

Hot Topics Forum

Special guests and friends will join us for lively panel discussions on current hot topics including marriage & relationships, religion & spirituality, society & pop culture and music. We leave no stone unturned. Yep, it’s about to get HOT in here!

Lifestyle Photo
The Living Room

The Living Room

It’s time for a heart-to-heart conversation addressing some sensitive family issues such as: Coping with undiagnosed mental health issues; Sibling rivalry; Creating normalcy within blended families; Child rearing – Then & Now; Adjusting to an empty nest; Retirement in the 21st century, and more. We will speak with experts and those coping with these issues to learn how to manage them successfully.

Business Meeting

Boss Moves

Want to meet a real “Boss” who is making a significant impact in the business world? We will highlight the accomplishments of established business owners, as well as introduce you to some up-and-coming entrepreneurs you should know. Be inspired as you hear how they faced their challenges, rose to the occasion, and came out on top! You know, there’s still room for one more BOSS…

JAM Session

Just A Minute

Join us as we share a 1-minute motivational message to inspire and uplift you. Let’s kick-off the week with a determination to experience the balanced and healthy lifestyle God intended for us to enjoy.


Friday Nite Fire

Come and represent yourself as a true praise and worshipper! We will experience a time of intense fellowship with God and one another, seeking His face and offering our sacrifices of praise. This monthly worship service will showcase various guests sharing their gifts of music, dance, spoken word and other creative displays of worship. Expect God’s presence to meet you in a powerful way!

Couple Cooking

Family Night

Anything is bound to happen on Family Night! We may play competitive games, discuss our favorite scary movies, cook our favorite meals, or share funny stories. Whatever we do, you best believe it will be fun – and you don’t want to miss it!

Married Couple


Relationships aren’t always easy, but you can have a happy and enjoyable marriage. We believe that if married couples seek more to understand the purpose of their holy union and The One who created it, there will be a greater opportunity to experience true marital bliss as you become one. Join other married couples as they share their triumphs over some of marriage’s greatest challenges.